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Nature's Awakening - 12X18 MOUNTED PRINT (OPEN EDITION)

Sale Price:$79.99

Original Price:$149.99

"Nature's Awakening: Embracing the Serenity of Dawn as a Gentle Waterfall Cascades into the Tranquil Lake."

  • Dawn's gentle embrace by the lakeside.
  • Each Print is mounted to hard plastic to prevent damage in shipping, and can be hung straight to a wall with no frame without harming the print.
  • Size is 12x18 signed and marked with the year.
  • Please allow 2 business weeks for delivery. US shipping only.

Print Information


Limited Edition

The prints are limited edition, with each one being numbered and signed by Khalid Lamar. In addition, a certificate of authenticity is included with each print.


$100:  8" x 10"    8" x 12"    10" x 10"  Edition of 100

$150: 11" x 14"  12" x 18"   16" x 16"  Edition of 75

$300: 16' x 20"  16" x 24"   20" x 20"  Edition of 50

$450: 20" x 24"  20" x 30"   24" x 24"   Edition of 25

$600: 24" x 30"  24" x 36"   30" x 30"   Edition of 15

$750: 30" x 36"  30" x 40"   36" x 36"   Edition of 10

$900: 36" x 40"  36" x 48"   40" x 40" Edition of 5

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