Model Interview

Embark on a motivational journey with "Behind The Lens," a series that seamlessly blends my passion for film and photography. This project is a celebration of models and their unique perspectives on the dynamic industry, offering a glimpse into their journeys while becoming living art.

This series is more than just a visual experience; it's a stepping stone towards a grander vision. Together, we aim to showcase our art to a wider audience, grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impact.

Unveil the stories behind the lens with our Model Profile Interviews. It's not just about capturing moments; it's a tool for growth and empowerment. Beyond providing a photography experience, I step into the roles of an educator and narrator. Each interview is an opportunity to inspire, offering insights that resonate with dream-chasers. Join us in this transformative journey of storytelling, inspiration, and the pursuit of dreams.

Meet Shebri

Dive into the journey of Shebri, a 23-year-old model hailing from Detroit. In this Model Profile Interview snippet, she fearlessly unveils her personal narrative, driven by resilience and self-discovery. Fueled by a heartbreak, Shebri transforms her pain into power, reshaping her identity and embracing the world of modeling.

Meet Nikki

Embark on the fascinating journey of Nikki, a talented model from Detroit, as we share her Model Profile Interview snippet. Nikki's story unfolds from her early introduction to modeling, guided by her mother's insight, to evolving into a model herself. This snippet takes you through the stages of Nikki's growth, from childhood in the modeling world to supervising fashion shows during her college years.