Hey everyone

It's been a while since I last held my camera, and even longer since I embarked on a photoshoot. The journey back has been filled with ups and downs, but recently, I found the perfect opportunity to get back behind the lens. Inspired by the recent snowfall, I decided to take my first steps into the world of photography again.

I chose Provin Trails, a hidden gem located off 4 Mile Rd between Dean Lake Ave and the East Beltline. This heavily wooded park promised a quick escape to nature, offering tranquility just a stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I envisioned capturing the serene beauty of a winter wonderland blanketed in snow.

However, as life often goes, the weather had other plans for us. Upon arrival, there was no trace of snow to be found. Disappointment loomed briefly, but determination kicked in. I was on a mission to make my baby steps back into the world that was once the source of my weekly, monthly, and yearly grind.

A huge shoutout and heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Shawnakay, the model who accompanied me on this unexpected journey. Her willingness to embrace the moment, regardless of the missing snow, made this experience truly special.

We ventured through the trails, surrounded by bare branches and crisp winter air. The absence of snow didn't dampen our spirits; instead, it became a canvas for a different kind of beauty – the raw and untouched nature that winter unveils when devoid of its snowy cloak.

As I clicked the shutter and saw the images appear on my camera screen, I felt a sense of accomplishment and joy. It wasn't just about the photos; it was about reclaiming a part of myself that had been on hiatus.

This photoshoot marked a significant chapter in my journey as a photographer, a chapter of resilience and rediscovery. It reminded me that sometimes, the unexpected moments turn out to be the most memorable ones.

So here's to new beginnings, to overcoming challenges, and to the unwavering beauty of nature, even when it doesn't conform to our expectations.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey.

Until the next click,

Photo Credits:

Photographer: ShotByJuma

Location: Provin Trails Park, Grand Rapids Charter Township, Michigan

Address: 2900 4 Mile Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI

Behind the Lens:

As the photographer, I aimed to capture not only the outward beauty of the model but also the spirit and energy that define Shawnakay. Provin Trails Park served as the perfect canvas, offering diverse landscapes that complemented the theme of the photoshoot.


Special thanks to Shawnakay for her professionalism and creativity throughout the session.