A Photoshoot with Model Drea

Meet Andrea Marie, a 23-year-old Detroit native, whose journey into the world of modeling began with the loving encouragement of her grandparents and the guidance of her amazing Auntie.

Follow her on Instagram [@DreaTheeDon] to witness the unfolding chapters of her modeling adventure.

Thrilled to share the magic from a recent collaboration with the incredibly talented Model Drea during my two-day model call event. This enchanting session unfolded at the radiant "The Love Den," a stunning Detroit loft nestled in the heart of Downtown Detroit. The Love Den provided the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot that aimed to encapsulate the very essence of love. Hosting this event at The Love Den added an extra layer of charm to the entire experience. The unique and vibrant surroundings elevated each shot, turning moments into timeless visual poetry.

An Exclusive Conversation with Drea

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the talented model, Drea, for a captivating Valentine's Day photoshoot. The camera captured not only the essence of the romantic theme but also the charisma and grace that Drea effortlessly brings to every frame.

After the shoot, I sat down with Drea for an exclusive one-on-one to delve into her journey into the world of modeling and discover the adventures she's encountered along the way.